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GeoKnow is a 3-year project funded by the European Commission within the FP7 Information and Communication Technologies Work Programme (Grant Agreement No. 318159). GeoKnow addresses the problem of linking geospatial data from heterogeneous information systems and uses the web as a platform to exploit this data. - See more at: http://geoknow.eu/

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The GeoKnow Generator will integrate tools for the following:
  • Creation and maintenance of qualitative geospatial information from existing unstructured data such as OpenStreetMap, Geonames and Wikipedia
  • Reuse and exploitation of unforeseen discoveries found in geospatial data
  • Mapping and exposing existing structured geospatial information on the web of data, considering comprehensive and qualitative ontologies and efficient spatial indexing
  • Automatic fusing and aggregation of geospatial data by developing algorithms and services based on machine learning
  • Exploring, searching, authoring and curating the Spatial Data Web by using Web 2.0 and machine learning techniques

GeoKnow Generator Video Tutorials